In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen

A rollercoaster ride of love, tears, tragedy, and laughter

I couldn’t even pick up a new book to read last night after finishing this. The bookover is real!

Rory & Mal, OMG!

LJ Shen does not disappoint. Twists, turns, romance, revenge, forgiveness, humor (appropriately dark), tragedy, aarrgghh, all the feels! Every damn one of them!!

Rory meets Mal in Dublin. He’s a street corner star. Mesmerizing and beautiful. Their connection is instant. After a single night together, they make a pact that should they encounter either at any point in the future, they will drop everything to be together.

She leaves to then spend her time trying to stick to their pact and allowing fate to decide where they will end up.

Little does she know that Fate works in mysterious ways. Or that there is so much more to her story. So very much more.

Mal knows the whole story. Or so he thinks he does.

Both of them are in for a mind bending awakening to the truth.

It seems appropriate that this is mostly set in Ireland. It seems very appropriately Irish. After all, tragedy and happiness together seems to be a very natural state of being when you’re Irish.

Laughter, tears, steam, happiness, angst, whimsy…it was perfect.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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