A Hurt So Sweet Volume 1 by Betti Rosewood

I want more!!!

Aarrgghh, cliffhanger! But sooo good!!

Pandora/Lily Anna has come home to Eden Falls. A strange little town full of the elite and their strange rules. She hates it, but she also craves the twisted games she finds herself playing. She especially hates her fiance, Dexter. He plays with her cruelly and calls her ‘toy’. She wants to resist but her body does not cooperate. Pandora has been thrown into this snakepit and now she has to fight for her survival in the lap of luxury. A family who seem to hate her. A society of people who don’t seem to blink an eye at depravity in plain sight. People who smile with friendliness as they drive a knife in your back. And the fiance she is unwillingly drawn to and his cruel pack of followers. And what mystery is Dexter hiding?! I can’t wait for the next book!! Betti gave us all the dark depravity and ended on a cliffie!! The torture is painfully good!! I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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