AHSS Volume Two Teaser!!

A Hurt So Sweet Volume Two is Coming!!

Her lips are the softest thing I’ve ever felt, the skin on her hand cold as ice. I’m terrified, my heart pounding in my chest as she deepens the no-longer innocent kiss, greedily demanding more from my mouth. I try to give her what she so desperately needs. Her body shivers against mine as I pull her on my lap. The silk is soft, cold against my skin, and I want her to give me so much more than she’s offering.
Are you ready for volume two of A Hurt So Sweet by Betti Rosewood?
🌹 TBR – http://bit.ly/TBRAHSS2
🌹 Preorder – https://amzn.to/2mBb3ox
🌹 Reader signup – https://forms.gle/GTdcMzzajBD23sUCA
🌹 Blogger signup – http://bit.ly/AHSS2BloggerForm

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