(Not) the One by Donna Alam

I adore James (Harry) & his quest to conquer Miranda’s heart!

Some familar faces, James & Miranda, but also Bolivia, Heather, and the E-Volve office as well as Beckett’s friends since he’s James’ best bud. (You may recall them from To Have and Hate, if you read it. And you really should read it! Because it is fantastic.)

What starts with the most absurd hilarious meet cute, ends with all humor and love. We get to explore Miranda’s side of the infamous speed date night from To Have and Hate. And boy, what a night she had!

James’ finds himself intriged by his charmingly awkward one night stand and in even deeper when he finds her again and their attraction for each other is undeniable. Miranda doesn’t trust and James has to work hard to gain her trust and love.

They are both so cute!! I love seeing him be the one who has to convince her he’s the one, because she’s built the wall around her heart to keep everyone out.

Full of the feels, humor, and heat Donna is so good at delivering. My heart is full of happy!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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