Your Neighborhood Biker by Tarrah Anders

Love these quickies! Another visit to Mercy for sweet, steamy wonderful!

More Mercy and The Neighborhood. This story is from the POV of Cooper, Coop, Micah’s brother. He’s in a MC called The Rebel Warriors. He is taking a break from them after a friend’s death and a change in leadership. He takes Micah up on a job offer, working with Wyatt to renovate the space Noah & Luke are looking to create next to the bar.

He meets Nydia on his first stop when he gets to town. She’s a waitress at the local diner and he’s a goner the minute he sees her. Love their little journey to HEA. We get more of a feel for Mercy and its people. A dash of drama. And a sweet steamy love story. And two more fantastic townspeople!!

Coop is a good guy who just looks like he’s a bad boy. So hot AND nice. Nydia is beautiful, independent, and sassy. Together they’re perfect.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review

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