The Bangover by Lili Valente

This was just magically delicious!! Fantastic friends to lovers romance!!

I was listening to this while working. Oh my, did I blush a lot. Love scenes and sexual arousal are so much dirtier when they’re read out loud. And Lili and Jason were…are fantastic narrators!! So good!

Colin and Kirby have been best friends since he joined her school. Colin was a musical prodigy who became a rock star. A rock god. Awkward teen years blossomed into hot, hot, hot. Kirby (or as Colin has nicknamed her Larry) is an author. She tends to hermit a lot in her writing cave. She is much more comfortable close to home and out of the spotlight. Although, she is a successful writer, so sometimes she is not so out of the spotlight as she may wish. They know each other best. And they find themselves single at the same time for once and a drunken makeout session leads to a flight to Vegas and a much more interesting trip to than either had really intended, beyond using one another to break a dry spell (Kirby) and sustain the other before an intentional dry spell (Colin).

This story is more than two friends scratching each others itch. It has humor, heart, friendship, the most adorable cat named Murder, questionable exes, adoring fans, and two leads who realize there is more to their friendship than either was willing to admit. Lots more. All the feels!

Jason and Lili voiced these two (and the rest of the crazy cast) fantastically. Lili is not only a fantastic author but a great narrator too.

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