Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow

Friends to lovers is always a favorite of mine.

Natalie and Miles are best friends.

Miles is living the life of a swinging single and sharing his knowledge of women and sex in his column. He is not the relationship type.

Natalie on the other hand runs her own business, is in a relationship with her high school boyfriend, and owns her dreamhouse. She is on the commitment track. Miles comes to visit just as everything in her relationship hits a huge pothole.

Miles is sweet, sexy, fun, and maybe not so commited to avoiding commitment.

Natalie is smart, nice, trusting, friendly, and convinced no one sees her as sexy. Certainly not the guy she thinks she might spend her life with. Or will she?

I loved Natalie and Miles. Neither of them expected their friendship to become more, even if the attraction has always been there.

And I love the sisters‘ interactions with each other and the inclusion of the men in their lives.

The narrators are growing on me.

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