Dirty Little Secret by Vivian Wood

Hot!! Steamy, angsty goodness!

Aiden, playboy best friend of Grayson from Dirty Little Heart, is much more than the smirking ladies man we saw in DLH. He discovers some devastating news from his mother on her deathbed. This sends Aiden down a self-destructive path that leads to him working in the same household as Olivia, Gray’s baby sister. And the one woman who is completely off limits to him. Who he has been resisting his draw to for years.

Olivia is stunned to see Aiden at her new place of employment. He’s her brother’s best friend AND she’s had a crush on him for years!

Their summer is filled with discovery. The estate leaves them with each other for company and their friendship rapidly grows into something more. Something Aiden isn’t ready to share with the world yet. They also discover the answers to Aiden’s questions…the ones that led him to this estate to begin with.

Aiden hides so much pain under his Romeo facade. He’s hot, angsty deliciousness. Olivia is shy, but determined. She doesn’t let her nerves hold her back.

They both grow so much. And those furitive moments during Dirty Little Heart were hiding more than a burgeoning attraction.

Love that this takes place during the same timeframe as DLH. We see Rachel & Gray. We also meet some new players. I love the secret, forbidden romance! And the secrets, when all of them are revealed…FLOVED IT!!

Ready for the next story!!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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