Southern Heartbreaker by Jessica Peterson

Second time around shows perfection isn’t required for HEA

Ford is simply delicious! We knew he was hot, but, oh my, he’s off the charts!

Eva came home to throw her bestie, Julia, a baby shower, but she’s also hoping home will help jump start her muse. Little did she expect running into her ex (and Gray’s brother), Ford would turn out to be the start of something good.

Ford’s adorable daughter makes parenthood seem possible. A lesson Eva needed. Lots of lessons are learned along the way.
1.) Frozen pizza tastes just as good as from scratch when you get family time in.
2.) Be mindful of your time. Over extending yourself does no one any favors.
3.) And when your chemistry is sizzling hot, you can’t let that person or yourself walk away.
4. ) Children or relationships don’t mean you have to give up your dreams.

Floved dirty talking, sweet Ford and sassy, independent, strong Eva.

And I can’t wait for more Charleston heat.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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