Iced (Boston Terriers Hockey #2) by Jacob Chance

Floved Oliver and Ava’s sweet, sexy, HOT journey to HEA

Although part of a series, I read Iced, book 2 in the Boston Terriers Hockey series, without having read the first, Checked. It was easy to get into. Definitely stands alone, but I want to go back and read all the other friends’ stories because then I’ll know more about the bookiverse.

In Iced, we get the story of Oliver Ice. Fifth year senior, hockey player, bartender, and recently heart broken. He sees Ava across the room on her first night dancing at the bar he works at. He is struck dumb by sight of her. Little does he realize he has already made a huge impression upon her.

Ava has had a crush on Oliver since he crashed into her on her first day at their college leaving a pizza sized stain on her psyche. Unfortunately for her, at the time he was still under the spell of his horrible ex, Stacey, so he doesn’t really remember her. She’s initially a bit antagonistic toward him when they meet again. By chance he steps up to help her out by agreeing to be her fake boyfriend for her family reunion because her sister and her ex-boyfriend would be present, as a couple, and she didn’t want to go alone.

Ava and Oliver become friends and there is definitely chemistry between them from the start. Both of them are initially committed to staying single but find themselves thinking of the other all the time. Their story starts a slow burn that eventually ignites into an inferno of passion and love. Their story is sweet, steamy, and witty.

The additional characters from the bookiverse make you want to read their stories, either those already written (in both the hockey and football series) or yet to come.


I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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