Five Day Fiance (Brewer Brothers #3) by Mickey Miller

What happens in Cancun, is unforgettable…

These Brewer brothers, *le sigh*…totally dreamy. And Jocko, right now? Dreamiest!

Allie is still feeling a bit emotionally bruised after her long time relationship ended, and he has moved on, getting engaged soon after. Now she has to spend a week in paradise with all her happily coupled college friends for Peyton & Maddie’s wedding. Oh, and her ex is one of those in that group.

She’s been working with Jocko for three years. They’ve got a great work relationship. And he’s hot, single, and the perfect footloose and fancy-free companion to survive that destination wedding with.

Jocko has been attracted to Allie from the start, but he’s a bachelor for life…or at least until 40. He agrees to go with her but he has a request. Pretend to be his fiancee to get his mother off his back.

Little does either expect this trip to end up changing their lives! It’s fun, HOT, and surprisingly full of feels.

Sweet, witty, steamy (sooo, steamy!), and, did I say steamy already? Allie and Jocko start this trip not expecting it to be more than fun. They finish it with so much more.

Obviously we get to see Peyton & Maddie and enjoy their HEA.

And, omg, I did say steamy already, right? Hot, Hot, HOT!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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