Five Day Fiance (Brewer Brothers #3, audio) by Mickey Miller

 FDF brought to life! 

I think listening to this made it my 3rd time reading the book. I love this story.

What do we know about Jocko going into this story? He doesn’t plan to settle down, not until he’s at least 40, anyway. He is a bit of a prankster. He is not a push-over. He can sell anything.

And so we come to how he has gotten to know Allie. She is his co-worker.

He tries to not dip his wick in the company ink, so she has been on the forbidden list. I say tries because one of his ventures into the company ink has bolstered his rep as a ladies man and a phenomenal lover.

Allie is recently heartbroken. And her ex is one of the group of college friends who will be present for the 5 day trip to Cancun for their friend, Peyton’s (of The Substitute) wedding. How is she going to survive her time there as the single girl, especially since her ex has moved on.

Allie decides to ask Jocko if he’ll come with her. After all, he’s a friend, he’s fun, and maybe he can be her vacation fling. Little does she expect him to ask her to pretend to be his fiancee for the trip.

Steamy, sexy, funny, and touching. We get to spend some time with Peyton and Maddie. And the friends and co-workers always add to the story. And, omg, I want to punch Allie’s boss.

I like both the narrators but I wish it were duet style narration because I can’t stand either one of them trying to do the voices for the opposite sexes.

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