HATE CRUSH by A. Zavarelli

A roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

I have to confess that I LOVE bully books! I also love the whole student/teacher romance trope. To have the hot teacher also be the bully? I’m in heaven.

Stella is the only child of a former super model and a former photographer turned Wall Street type. Her parents are rich, nouveau riche to some, and always worried about how things look.

In that vein, they are shipping Stella off to the super exclusive Loyola Academy for her senior year. She also has been a bit of the misbehaved teen trying to get their attention. So the boarding school is to help keep her in line and on track for her mother’s dreams.

Unfortunately for mama, things aren’t so great in their rich little bubble. At least not for them. Stella ends up saving herself because her parents are a mess. A very selfish mess.

Thankfully, Stella has one really good friend, Sybil, who is at the school too. So she isn’t completely alone. She also is a pretty determined girl. She isn’t going to let her parents mess everything in her life up.

She also isn’t going to let the hot, sexy, strict, and oddly mean, Mr. Carter, her new teacher, stop her either. Even if he keeps targeting her in class, giving her detention, and fills her every waking thought.

Mr Carter, Sebastian, has his own agenda for being at Loyola. He doesn’t really like teaching and is known as Satan to the students. He also is one hot, sexy package. And full of guilt he is trying to make up for.

He picks one student every year to be his secret project. Secret because no one else knows about his projects. Just him. This year? That project is going to be the stunning redhead who rubs him the wrong way from minute one. Stella.

Angst, heat, so much heat, suspense, tenderness, did I say heat? Yeah, add more heat.

Sebastian makes Stella’s life heaven and hell on earth. A hot steamy heaven and hell. Shades of The Secretary.

But while he wants to make her his, he also doesn’t want to make her his. He is very protective of her. After all, her parents certainly aren’t. And yet, he is also the one who can hurt her the most.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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