Break the Rules (Loveless Brothers #3) by Roxie Noir

Levi quietly wins your heart as he finally gives in to his!

Love Levi. He’s a dreamy book boyfriend.

The oldest Loveless brother. Much more at home with nature than people. Makes his own booze. Rescues damsels in distress. Made his own home. Takes on strays. Quiet humor. Hot, hot, hot. Secretly hot for his best friend’s younger sister. A vault for confidences. Loves his family, by blood & choice.

June. The best friend’s younger sister. Stubborn. Unendingly curious. Inquisitive. Trying to find herself and a new career after a layoff and another failed romantic choice. Has been crushing on her brother’s best friend since he rescued her teddy from the top of the fridge when they were kids. Hates snakes. Wants to love nature. Wishes her older brother would realize she’ll ask for help if she needs it, so stop interfering in her love life. Wants to get back out of her childhood bedroom.

A fantastic friends to lovers story. Sweet, hot, witty, full of feels, family, and friends. There are moments of hilarity, tenderness, heat, and drama. An old mystery. A new mystery. Roxie gives it all.

And I really hope Silas gets a book. Isn’t he an honorary Loveless?

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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