Cruel Prince (Royal Hearts Academy #1) by Ashley Jade

 Cruel to be kind seems like it should be the theme song of this tragic tale

Dylan met Jace when they were kids. He was her best friend. They were the other half of each other. Except when they were at that age where they would tell each other, Jace pushed her away because he knew something she didn’t.

He has hated her ever since that night. The night he found his younger brother dead. The suicide he blames her for.

Dylan is back though. She is attending Royal Hearts with her former best friend and her former classmates because she has been forced by circumstances to live with her aunt. She just wants to get through this year.

Unfortunately for her, it is going to be a far from peaceful year. She is surrounded by drama, bullies, two-faced friends, and the past. Especially her former BFF, and his vindictiveness.

She also manages to make new friends, one of them her new step-cousin. Another, Sawyer.

Dark, twisted, tragic. The tangled web is slowly untangled. Giving us answers. Not everything can be repaired, but oh what a ride. And in the end, these enemies become what they are meant to be.

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