Geektastic (Dorky Duet, Book Two) by Mary Frame

Must read 🏆

Just the right blend of quirk, wit, romance, with a dash of suspense to sweeten the pot!


She needs a story. He’s trying to escape one.

Annabel Moreland can’t leave podunk Blue Falls, Texas, until her little brother graduates. But she’s about to lose the job she needs to support him like she promised, they’ll end up homeless wretches, and it will be all her fault. Worse, she can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting someone she would rather forget.

Unfortunately, the answer to this litany of problems comes in the form of an unforgettable, dead sexy, cat-loving, shenanigan-directing trickster named Jude Parker. He’s got enough secrets to fill the Mississippi and she’s on a mission to fish out every single one.

She just needs to do it without falling into his bed . . . again.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked this book up. The blurb intrigued me.

I also have a thing for frenemies. Although in this pairing it was more he’s willing and she’s kind of annoyed with him.

Annabel is trying to make her job as a reporter work for her. She isn’t really thrilled with her assignments. But it’s a job. A job she has to make work for her and her brother so they can stay in Blue Falls, Texas; their hometown & where her brother goes to college.

The brother we met in Ridorkulous, book one of the duet. You do not have to read it first. I didn’t and I had no problem with it. Although I definitely want to read it now.

Annabel is drawn to Jude. She is a touch cranky with him when we start.

Jude is a mystery. One she wants to crack. One she is very attracted to. One who wants her to but is sending mixed messages. He has a secret and she wants to figure out what it is.

This quest brings her even further under the spell of this hot confusing man.

He kind of reminds me of Holly Golightly with his parties. And quirky fashion sense. He’s attractive, fascinating, and hiding a lot of secrets.

He is also determined to breakdown the walls Annabel has built up around her heart.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this book once I started. I wanted to know all the secrets. And for Jude to get Annabel to let down her guard.

The town meetings remind me of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls. Blue Falls is as quirky as our characters.

A wonderful cast of supporting characters who add to the fun in reading this book. I hope Beast gets a book. And Grace.

Annabel and Jude discover each other’s secrets, but also trust, honesty, and love…oh and the bad guys.

I really loved this read. And our hero & heroine.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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