Bliss Brothers: The Complete Series Boxed Set by Amelia Wilde

A collection of hot brothers and their HEA with a dash of mystery…

A very enjoyable binge-worthy series!! And there is a spin-off!!

Crush on You

Revenge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…especially when your nemesis is HOT!

You know that guy you crushed on in high school that you thought didn’t see you? Thought laughed at you? You get a chance at revenge on him & some money to get you out of the hole you find yourself in?

That’s this story…this sweet, funny, STEAMY story of how Jenny discovered that her crush was still hot as sin and not quite the villain she made him, Roman, out to be. I Floved It!!

Stuck on You

I am in LOVE with Beau Bliss! He caught my attention in the first book, but I’m certain of it now!

Roman hires Claire to handle event coordinating because he, like everyone else, thinks Beau is a drunk party animal and a few episodes have occurred that he feels Beau was responsible for.

Beau doesn’t want to work with Claire but her tightly wound persona and stunning looks intrigue him.

Will the life of the party help loosen her up? Will Beau’s brothers drive him nuts? I loved their story! These Bliss brothers are addictive!! Beau is as charming and lovable as you expect and much deeper too. Claire is stubborn, buttoned up, and ripe for the changes Beau helps her with. They’re adorable!

Hooked on You

More Bliss from the blissfully dreamy Bliss Brothers!!

These Bliss Brothers, I just adore them!!

Driver, whose job suits his name, meets Holiday by chance while at home. They have a scorching hot one night stand that leads to a little surprise.

Filled with the steam, love, wit, and that touch of drama, it is fantabulous!!

Driver is surprisingly sweet. And grounded despite his wander urges. And Holiday is fantastic. The traveler and the hermit.

Loved it! I can’t wait for more Bliss Brothers!

Crazy on You

Another deliciously, wonderful Bliss Brother HEA!

*Le Sigh!* Charlie is so sweet, solid, and sexy!

He has dedicated himself to Bliss. His brothers are finding their HEAs around him. He is envious of their happiness. He is still hung up on the one who broke his heart.

And suddenly she’s there. In front of him. Fate, the universe, whatever it is has brought the vivid sweetness that is Leta back into his world.

I FLOVE their path to HEA. All the steamy, sweet wonderfulness that Amelia delivers. Plus we get to see all the other brothers and get teased with the next brother. Love, love, love!! Makes my heart happy!!

Love on You

Best friends with benefits may lead to forever

Love me some Bliss Brothers!!

Huck is adorable. Not sure where he wants to be.

Home working the boathouse at the resort, but not sure if he wants to be there. He gets to reconnect with Katie, who has been his best friend since school.

They lost their close contact during their college years but they find themselves feeling all sorts of things after the wedding of her friend Libby when Katie ends up waking up in Huck’s bed. They find themselves deciding to explore their attraction but both of them are a bit clueless about how they really feel.

And Katie is really skittish. Plus she has multiple job possibilities across the country.

I love these Bliss books and each brother’s journey to their HEA.

I can’t wait for Asher now!! I love the over reaching story about the mysteries they are having from their father’s death. And Charlie and his laps on the beach when he’s stressed. Oh and the visit from Wilder!!

Wish on You

Will the mystery derail their future?

Asher has been on what seems like an unending errand for their late father and the secrets are exhausting him.

On his final task he meets Everly, who has just discovered her late father was a tricky s.o.b.

She has mere days, hours, to get married or she and her sister lose the ranch.

And into her life walks Asher.

This fake marriage leads to a lot of drama with the brothers, mostly the ever uptight endlessly running Charlie. It also leads to a lot of repressed passion that explodes into dazzling fireworks.

Wit, passion, tenderness, family…love…Amelia does not disappoint! And apparently she also has more for us!!

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