Whatever It Takes (Bad Reputation Duet #1)

Angst, family (by choice & blood), lots of angst, & growing love from friendship

This was my first read by these authors. I know it’s book one of a duet (yay, I love duets.), so no HEA…yet.

Willow and Garrison met through a series of random circumstances when they are 17. She’s the shy, awkward, geeky girl. He’s the broody, angsty bad boy.

They become friends. He takes her under his wing when she ends up in Philadelphia. Both of their lives changed by the same man, her brother Loren Hale.

They are there for each other. They both discover new things about themselves because of each other. Garrison goes from being the rich popular guy to being the outcast because he rocked the boat. Willow starts to spread her wings since she ran away.

The book bounces between the past and the present (them at 17 vs 20). Giving the details that explain the angst of the present. In the present they are trying to maintain a long distance relationship. A long long distance. He’s back in Philadelphia and she’s in London. She’s coming into her own and making friends. He, on the other hand, is isolating himself, except there are those around him (her brother & friends) trying to bring him out of his cave.

In the past, we see them shortly before they meet and after and all the circumstances that have led them to this point.

They both shy away from the fame adjacent life they have now. But they adore each other. But can it work? Especially when one of you thinks they don’t deserve anything good.

This is not a happy uplifting read. I loved it! I adore angst though, so that is no big surprise. And Garrison has a lot of angst.

And now I am impatiently waiting for the second book!!!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


Book 2 of this angsty duet!!

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