Married To My Enemy by Vivian Wood

One night in Vegas….Their walls come crumbling down…

Cate & Luca barely tolerate each other. And yet they find themselves married after a drunken night in Vegas.

They’re both seeing each other differently after years of acquaintance. He’s her best friend’s big brother. She feels like he’s been judging her since the day they met.

Luca is newly single. His ex is a shallow gold digging beatch. He doesn’t quite know what to make of Cate. But she’s a convenience when he finds out his ex is getting married. And he’s invited.

In the time leading up to the wedding, Luca and Cate discover maybe there could be more.

Heat, tenderness, tension, more heat, manipulative delusional ex, friends, family, and many misunderstandings… But in the end, Luca & Cate are meant to be.

He breaks down the walls she has surrounded herself with and she gives him a new perspective.

Fantabulous. I love enemies to lovers.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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