Heartthrob Hotel Collection by Tabatha Kiss

Botsford men and their love stories are irresistible!

These five stories encapsulate the four sons and their father. Full of feels, humor, passion, did I say passion?

You will fall in love with Kingston, Graham, Hayden, Ira, and Jonah. And their ladies will win your heart as well.

Makes me wish the Kissiverse were real!!

Just a Touch (#1)

I devoured this book in less than 3 hours! It sucked me in completely.

I love this newest addition to the Kissiverse! Graham is a Botsford. (Name might ring a bell if you’ve read the Snake Eyes series.)

We start on a hot, wet monsoon storm day in fabulous Las Vegas, Graham walks into the family hotel to see his ex-wife at the desk arguing with the clerk because apparently her room reservation was screwed up.

Jennifer is there for her baby sis’s wedding. She hoped to avoid her ex. Even did research so she could.

Little did either of them expect to see the other, but oh boy, aren’t we glad they did!

Hot, steamy, second chance love story.

Throw in some sexy, not always helpful brothers, some family history, fathers giving fatherly advice, sister time, a not altogether welcome former best friend…and you have the makings of a fabulous excursion into a new part of the Kissiverse. And Graham is delicious!!!

Just a Kiss (#2)

Sometimes a game of Marco Polo can lead to so much more!

Those Botsford boys…umm, men…soo yummy!

Hayden loves the ladies. He doesn’t do the commitment thing. But a chance encounter with a hot hotel guest while he’s staying there recovering from an injury leads to way more than he expected or even realized he wanted.

And Penelope certainly didn’t think she’d wind up meeting the man of her dreams when she propositioned the scruffy hot guy in the bar to pretend to be her boyfriend to get her parents off her back at her family’s annual visit to Vegas for their reunion.

A hot, fast, wholly satisfying read!!

Just a Fling (#3)

Ira was every bit as delicious as expected!

Ira has a yearly visitor that the staff has nicknamed ‘Towel Girl’. Her actual name is Veronica. Ira is happily getting ready for her annual visit when she knocks on his door and surprises him with more than her sexy self.

Veronica has a bit of news for Ira. She is moving to Vegas and…she & Ira have a daughter.

Watching Ira adjust to this news…
1.) Because he’s the over protective security minded Botsford brother
2.) Because he realizes, with Hayden’s help, that he’s about to give their mother the best birthday present this year.

Veronica has a secret…but she also realizes that her daughter now has family, something Veronica doesn’t have.

I loved Ira’s story. Jonas is really gonna have to step up his game to top Ira. 😉

Steamy, sweet, funny, connections to the rest of the Kissiverse, Tabatha delivers another fantastic story in this world!

Just a Crush (#4)

Jonah steals the spotlight from his brothers!!

I FLOVE THIS BOOK!!! I’ve loved all the Botsford boys but Jonah just stole the crown!

He’s sweet. Surprisingly conscientious for a rock star. And sexy!! Oh, and very single minded, but that is what we love about the men in the Kissiverse.

Marla is innocent, but worldly. She’s strong, determined, and fantastic!

I’m sad to read the last brother’s book, but I loved every minute of it!!

And is Tabatha hinting at a Criminal Records series, because I am totally down with that!! Give me more rock stars!! And I just adore the Botsford world. Mama Botsford is wonderful!!

Just a King (#5)

What happens in Vegas, happens at Botsford Plaza!! Love, Love, Loved!!

I love the Kissiverse. Every book expands the world.

And Kingston & Fiona? OMG!! Mom & Dad Botsford are a combination of all the boys or would that be the boys are a mix of them?

I love coming back to Vegas and the Botsford Hotel. Home. It feels like home. This book even more than the others.

How Kingston found & won his Queen? Fantabulous! The passion, drama, humor, family, friends, and LOVE in this story fills me with happy!!

Fiona is feisty, smart, passionate, independent, and amazing (you knew she would be as we read her sons’ stories). And Kingston? He’s Graham, Ira, Hayden, & Jonah all rolled into one dreamy hunk!!

We get young love and seasoned, mature, still fiery love in one dynamite package!!

I can’t wait to see where Tabatha takes us next!! Back to the past for some exploration of Stella & Matilda? To Chicago for Ian? Into the future with all the baby Botsfords? The various co-workers & friends? Whatever thread she follows, I will definitely be reading.



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