After His Banana by Penelope Bloom

Penelope delivers another hilarious & sweetly perfect BBF!

Miles is like the perfect blend of his OCD father and his nutty clepto uncle!!

He is fixated on Rey from the moment they meet. I love his ‘pre-dates’.

Rey is so focused on school and her future and what she needs to do for her family, she almost misses what is right in front of her.

Miles is certainly a perfect subject for her abnormal study. Lol. His entire family would be. But will she go thru with it in the end?

Miles doesn’t exactly have purely innocent intentions himself.

I love how Penelope gives us characters with backbone, personality, humor, fears, dreams, quirks, and makes us love them!! Even when they’re kinda cocky, have a slightly juvenile obsession with their anatomy, and you can’t help but adore them anyway because they respect the girl!!

I love Miles!!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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