Breathless (Texas Nights #3) by Lex Martin

This cowboy is a knight in slightly dented armor w a HUGE heart!

Joey ran from Texas to protect her heart.

After all, she’s loved the boy next door, her best friend, Logan, since she was a young girl. He’s her brother’s age and he doesn’t seem to see her as more than a friend.

And she’s had to watch him make his way thru a lot of others. And an overheard conversation sends her far away.

Logan has spent this time without Joey missing her dreadfully. He’s determined to keep her in Texas. To tell her how he feels.

It seems distance has made them both aware they don’t like being apart. A lot of fumbling has to be gotten past first. After all, Joey has never been in a relationship and Logan has only been a player, and lately, a rusty one. They both need to work on their communication skills.

It seems they may be on their way to that HEA, until Logan’s secrets explode on him.

Can they recover from what happens?

Logan has a desire to protect everyone. He is definitely not the player everyone labels him.

Loved their story. The right blend of humor, family, friends, drama, sweet, and steamy.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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