Bad Liar (The Reed Rivers Trilogy #1) by Lauren Rowe

This first dose of Reed merely whets your appetite for him…

He’s always been cocky. Gruff. But I always wanted to know more.

And now his story is finally here!!

He wants things his way and he wants it now. After all, he’s got the money and power. His good looks don’t hurt either.

Little does he expect to meet a feisty twenty-something who sparks his interest in more than a one night stand or his usual cold arrangements.

Except his usual smooth moves are not working with Georgina. He finds himself almost obsessed. And Reed Rivers does not get obsessed.

So obsessed he manipulates things so he can see her again.

Georgina is fiery, intelligent, and has the same hustle as Reed, just with a decade or so less polish.

I can’t wait to see how she twists him into knots.

I love seeing into his backstory. Ready for book two!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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