Killer Love: The Complete Series (Dark Romantic Suspense) by Tabatha Drake

You want to read this series in order. Definitely not standalones. That said, you won’t regret diving into this series, a reboot of Tabatha Kiss’s Snake Eyes Series. Action, passion, mystery, darkness, humor…my James Bond action adventure heart adores this series.

We start with Killer Love…telling the story of Sofia & Luka. (This was Bloodlines in the original series.) We are introduced to the Lutrovas & Zappias and we learn to “never let a snake loose in Moscow”. We are also introduced to Fox Fitzgerald. This novel sets several things in motion that will carry through the series.

Secret Love is the story of Fox & Dani. Originally the first story in the series and known as Bodyguard, a few things were changed in the re-release. They make Fox even swoonier.

Dani is strong, sassy, and doesn’t let her dead step-brother’s reappearance in her life…alive…throw her too much.

Fox is determined, loyal to the ones he loves, and deadly to the bad guys.

I love the Tabbiverse. Mention of Botsfords & Belle Academy, other folks from the upcoming and past books. And of course, a bit of a teaser for the next book. And an opening where we are seeing things that happen in the future.

Tainted Love is the story of probably my favorite couple. I adore Dante & Lucy. Even hitmen have a softer side…and dancers a harder one

Lucy is feisty, strong-willed, foul-mouthed, persistent, graceful, and full of heart.

Dante is a seeming cold blooded killer, but we discover his twisted soft side in this book.

We also meet his twin siblings; Lilah & Elijah.

Snake-Eyes leads to all kinds of drama in this book.

Originally released as The Hitman’s Dancer under the Tabatha Kiss name, I love the expansion of the book and the rebranding of the series.

Broken Love gives us Boxcar as an unlikely hero. Caleb makes him brave.

Hacker, friend, goofy, smart,…husband? Boxcar is so much more than he seems. He sees himself as a chicken but he proves (again) that when it comes to those he cares about, he will rush into danger. Especially if that someone he cares about is Caleb, his wife.

And Caleb is not just the tough girl. She is more than she seems also. Definitely a tough nut to crack though. But wildly loyal.

She & Boxcar are seemingly oil and water, but they definitely mix.

All the delicious excitement carries on from the previous books. Snake Eyes is on the defense. We see how Boxcar, Caleb, and Fox met. And more threads to follow are revealed. We also get to know a certain former MI6 agent. Oh and also get more time with Lilah & Elijah.

I am loving this rebranded series and the changes from the original, Love and Wargames in this case. I love the humor, passion, action, friendship, and feels!! Bring on the next installment!

Mad Love gives us the beautiful monster meeting her mate…

We last saw our hero/heroine….

This is Dante & Elijah’s sister, Lilah’s book. The monster. The beautiful but very deadly Lilah. Her only soft spots being family. She is just as protective of them as they are of her. A complete bad@$$. Stubbornly independent.

She realizes that the Snake Eyes exposure means it is time for Elijah to get the chance at a normal life. And she thinks she has a way to make that happen. A plan that puts her in the path of Archer, the hot, British bounty hunter.

Little does Lilah expect to find herself handcuffed to the bed in his mobile home enroute to Chicago.

Archer & Lilah are explosive together. Antagonists but irresistibly drawn to each other. Their leg of this journey is filled with twists, turns, passion, action, and tears.

We also learn more about the head of the snake.

Archer, the charming British bounty hunter. There is so much more to him. And surprises abound.

This is book 5 in the series. It is the reboot of book 5 of the original series also, Hard Bounty.

Cruel Love… They need to cut the head off the snake…

This book is from multiple points of view. You definitely cannot read this without the 5 books before it.

In the original incarnation of this book, prior to its reboot, this corresponds with No Fury under the Tabatha Kiss pen name.

We join our heroes and heroines about to go all out against their enemy. The snake must be neutralized, or they will never be able to stop running, watching over their shoulders, or simply just be able to peacefully ride off into the sunset.

We are reminded of the fears, strengths, love, friendship, and determination of our rag tag band. They have faced tragedy and adversity and are still standing.

And they can also see a glimmer of their future. If they can defeat the snake.

Filled with all the passion, feels, and action my James Bond loving heart desires.

Endless Love is the thrilling conclusion to this saga…plus the HEA…

Our couples are in a bit of a bind. The snake has the advantage and it’s up to the boys AND the girls to get them out of this.

We see Luka begrudgingly agree to help Fox and friends. Lilah kicks lots of @$$. Sofia reminds us that she is not a meek Zappia woman. Boxcar reminds us that he isn’t as cowardly as he thinks he is. Archer really is a good guy. Dani knows when she gets in a jam she just thinks about her mantra “What would Fox do?” . Caleb isn’t as hard-nosed as she thinks and she’s about to get a really big surprise. Dante and Lucy are adorable, @$$kickers, but absolutely adorable.

I love that the women in this series are strong, amazing, and independent. They love their men, but they aren’t letting anyone tell them what to do.

And the men may be all alpha and tough (perhaps reversed for Boxcar & Caleb), but they are soft for those they love.

I think Tabby must be a Edgar Allen Poe fan because OMG…

And I loved the epilogues!! I am sad to say goodbye to this crew. And I love the other parts of the Tabbiverse we get glimpses of in this series.


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