Rich (Benson Security #5) by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Ice Queen finds her King Consort

I did not expect to adore Rachel Ford-Talbot!!

You discover that part of her past that formed her hard shell.

She’s been the icy, cold, snobbish b*tch in the previous books that you could end up hating but there have been glimmers of more.

And I’d be an ice queen too had I woken up with no memory of what happened to me, with nothing but pictures and a threat. Her entire future changed in one night.

And how could she be completely horrid if Harry likes her? There is so much more to her. She knows who everyone thinks she is. But the people who surround her love her anyway because they know her.

And Harvard…Michael Carter…he finds her fascinating and he is determined to not only get to the bottom of the problem her family has tasked them with solving but also finding his way past the wall Rachel has erected around herself.

Rachel has been hiding a huge secret from her family and friends. She’s borne this secret mostly alone. She finally realizes this group of people who surround her have her back. And she is not alone.

She went through one of the worst things that can happen to a woman by herself. And that it was done to her with the aid of drugs her own family’s company makes made it even worse. And her team (and her family) shows her that she isn’t alone anymore. Even when it seems things are at their most dire.

I have loved all of the Invertary and Benson books and this one was no different. But I think I may have loved it even more because Rachel was simply amazing in her strength. And Harvard is the perfect man for her…and the mystery.

I love that there is humor, mystery, passion, friendship, family (both real and by choice), and lots of feels in these books. I love this bookiverse.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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