Unforgettable (Cloverleigh Farms #5) by Melanie Harlow

Second chances are not always easy to take…

Tyler Shaw was a baseball god. Then he got a bad case of the yips. During the World Series. He ended his career. He’s been hiding from the world like a grumpy bear hibernating at his estate or cabin in California.

But even though he wants to hide from the world, he will do almost anything for his younger sister, even come home for her wedding at Cloverleigh Farms.

He hasn’t seen April, his former best friend, in 18 years.

April, who has recently started to deal with the results of their one night together.

They parted as friends. She is not bitter toward him. Neither of them were looking to be parents. They had other plans for their futures at the time. She just wants to know she made the right choice.

She knew she would see Tyler again at his sister’s wedding. Neither of them expected to find themselves exploring more than friendship when they saw each other again.

And boy, do they explore.

Tyler is starting to realize maybe coming home isn’t such a bad idea after all. But he has some issues to deal with first. He definitely is the one with the baggage in this relationship…in all of his relationships.

I loved this story. His struggles with finding where he belongs in a world where he isn’t a world class pitcher anymore. His and April’s adjustment from friends to lovers to oh so much more. His relationship with his sister. His relationship to baseball. This story was simply fantastic.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.



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