Loved You Once by Claudia Burgoa

Second chances, stardust, dessert for dinner, and family…

Hayes is feeling increasingly dissatisfied with his life. He has work. His meddling mother, who he loves, but he is tired of her quest to fix him up and give her grandbabies.

And he knows the emptiness he feels will only be satisfied by one woman. His late brother’s widow…and his one true love.

Then he finds himself receiving a call requesting his presence at his father’s deathbed and so begins a bumpy ride with all the Aldridge brothers and their late sperm donor’s manipulative will.

Hayes & his first; and only; love, Blaire, reconnect for the first time in years. He is determined to show her he’s changed. He has to convince Blaire and his brothers that he’s changed.

He and his brothers are sadly disconnected. Some have better connection than others but Hayes has cut himself off from everyone after his brother (full brother) died.

He has been so worried about being like their father that he has unwittingly been like dear old dad…minus the random mistresses and kids all over the country.

Blaire is just amazing. Her life could have made her scared of the world or bitter, but instead she’s strong, adventurous, caring, generous, open, forgiving, capable, and accepting.

I absolutely floved their second chance love story!! I also loved the set up for the other brothers! We have Henry, Pierce, Miller, Vance, and Beacon. Look forward to the rest of their stories as well as the expanding bookiverse as we learn more about Baker’s Creek.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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