Maximum Dare by Vanessa Fewings

This is one dare you won’t regret taking

Why had I not read a Vanessa Fewings book before? I loved this book!!! I actually have a few of her books in my TBR and I simply hadn’t picked them up yet.

After reading Daisy and Max’s story? Oh that is most certainly going to change!! Time for some more Vanessa in my reading lists!!

Daisy has become super careful after her beloved brother’s death. Her boyfriend Nick has dumped her for someone more glamorous and spontaneous. And an invitation finds its way into her hands that pushes her outside of her comfort zone.

She also finds herself falling in love with her ex’s half brother, Max.

The two of them have a tendency to put others needs before their own. Daisy isn’t the only one needing a little push towards happiness.

I absolutely loved this book!!! It was not quite what I expected. I was expecting more of a love triangle but it isn’t really. It is definitely Daisy and Max’s story. Nick is a part of their story…but more because he’s Max’s brother and her friend.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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