Wine Hard, Baby! (OHellNo #6) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

OHellYes!!! Cami & Jed are hilarious, hot, & sweet!!

I love the OHellNo books!! Always a great break from the stress of reality.

And this one was no exception to that tradition! I sat down to read this tonight and I’m sure my neighbors wonder if I’d lost my mind (since they all know I live alone) and I was laughing hysterically most of the evening…and talking to my Kindle.

Cami is a good girl with a nerve induced potty mouth. My goodness, she’d make a sailor blush. Jed is one hot cowboy. And Cami finds him infuriating…and arousing.

Their sparks keep lighting fires but not the right ones. Instead we get some hilarious, and precarious, situations instead.

We also get some prior characters from the bookiverse…after all Cami & Jed know Giselle & Leland plus there’s a nutty hitman. Plus Cami’s boss Hector, her family, and more…so much fun!!!!

I Floved this!! Absotively, posilutely, fantabulous!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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