Jock Blocked by Pippa Grant

Fiery Forever!!!!

I simply do not know how she does it, but Pippa keeps bringing us more and more insanity and heart and amazingness with every single book.

I knew I’d adore Brooks. He’s one of the Elliott brothers after all, and Parker and Knox are already cemented into my heart followed by our dear sweet pervert Eloise and another Elliott, Rhett. And he’s hot and awkward in all the ways.

And Mackenzie. OMG! Absolutely, fantabulous!! I love her fan fervor. Her family. Her friends.

The ever-expanding Pippaverse is amazing!! And that the Thrusters are there to help the Fireballs! LOVED IT!!! Although, is a Pippa book complete without Zeus and Ares?

Heart, Hilarity, and Heat!! It was simply breathtaking!!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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