Enforced Rules (The Rules Series #2) by Hanleigh Bradley

I was completely sucked into the story!!

This is book 2 of 3, I believe, but it is the first one I’ve read or listened to.

I put this on while I was working today, and found myself paying attention to the story more than my work at times.

Despite this being the second book, Aurora & Landon are easy to get into. I suspect there may be some details that might be clarified by reading the first book, but I guess that just means more reason for me to seek it out now.

Enjoyed the back and forth POV giving both character’s views at times of the same interaction. Definitely steamy, steamy, steamy.

Landon is obviously drawn to Aurora despite not wanting something serious and those issues are what they are working out. And he definitely wants her. And he moves fast.

While the narrator was good, I do think the audio would be even better with a narrator performing with British accents since the book is set in the UK. And also uses British slang or phrases. This sounds odd with an American accent.

Also, this book would definitely have benefited from duet narration because while the narrator sounds perfect for the heroine or other female characters, the hero doesn’t quite have the correct timber when read by a female narrator. He needs that deep, growly male voice. That being said, the narrator is still pleasant to listen to.

All in all, I enjoyed this immensely and definitely want to read book 1 now and am definitely interested in going onto book 3.



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