Last Name by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

What happens in Vegas…is a HEA

I’ve said it before…I love stories where something happens in Vegas. This one was no exception.

This is the first book I’ve read from Rebecca. I am definitely going to read more. I loved Carrie and James and their journey to HEA.

In Vegas for a girls’ weekend with her co-workers, Carrie finds herself seperated from them and she meets James who proceeds to help her check off her scavenger hunt list and a little more!

Mind you, marrying someone at a Vegas wedding chapel drive thru wasn’t expected. The even bigger surprise comes when she’s back at work expecting to be fired by the new boss and it turns out to be her one night stand hubby.

James certainly didn’t expect the woman he can’t get out of his head since Vegas to be standing in his office to be let go.

A very enjoyable romantic comedy full of wit, steam, feels, and a very determined smitten hubby. He just has to overcome her concerns since she’d been burned before.

James and Carrie hit a few bumps on their journey, but in the end they win against the odds.


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