A Little Bit Wicked by Melissa Foster

Everyone needs a little Wicked in their life…

Justin and Chloe are friends. He hasn’t hidden his attraction to his ‘Uptown Girl’, but he knows she isn’t ready for him yet. But in the meantime he has been showing her that the good guys can have tats, a motorcycle, and leathers.

Chloe has let her mother’s bad taste in men affect her view of men and relationships. And she doesn’t want to become like her mother. So she dates boring businessmen. But her jerk detector is a bit off. Justin gets past her walls. He is everything she thought she didn’t want. What she didn’t realize is that he is everything she needs.

He admired her independence. Her spine. Her kindness and generosity. He wants to be her strength and protection, but he also knows he can’t smother her.

She helps him realize he doesn’t need to see his past as having damaged him or him as failing but rather as having given him strength, love, community, and family.

They both fill the empty spaces in each others hearts.

This story expands the bookiverse some more. It gives us family, community, humor, and lots of steam.

Loved Chloe & Justin’s journey to HEA.



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