We Were Once by S.L. Scott

Chloe opens her door to love…

So many feels. I found myself savoring this book. I didn’t want it to end.

Joshua & Chloe meet purely by chance. He’s the delivery guy. She never expected him in her life. She has a plan and he isn’t part of it.

But Joshua helps her find her own path. Not the one her father expects from her.

They are in their own bubble of love. Her mother and his love them together. He opens her eyes to actually living her life.

Sadly, they’re from different worlds. She is the good girl from a good family and has everything. Although, her father expects her to follow in his footsteps and he will do things that change everything that Joshua and Chloe thought was going to happen.

One night changes the trajectory of their entire life.

I love their story. Their fairytale love story. After all, things aren’t all smooth and easy in a fairytale.

Chloe and Joshua both are tempered by the fire. They, and their love, eventually come out of the fire stronger than before.

S.L. gives us all the heat, passion, angst, and feels we expect. Love conquers all.

Just like Frankie and Dwayne, their love flourishes!

I hope we get a story for Ruby!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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