Diamond in the Rough by Skye Warren

Beware charming rogues…

This opens with the prequel, Hidden Gems. We are introduced to the 16 yo Holly/Holland, her sister, 18 yo London, their parents, and the charismatic Elijah.

While visiting the Louvre, Holly convinced her family to let her stay and explore at her own pace while they move into their next place.

She meets Elijah. He is a security guard. He asks her if she’d join him in his break.

He completely charms her.

She convinced her family to let her stay back that night when they go your the catacombs so she can sneak away for a date with him.

She gets a romantic evening in Paris & her first kiss. And in trouble with her parents since she gets caught when she returns.

But she also discovers the next day that the Louvre was robbed and it may have been an inside job.

That is confirmed when she is surprised by Elijah while out with her family the next day. She gets a goodbye kiss and discovers she was unwittingly turned into a diamond mule.

Not that she reveals this to anyone…

So we begin the novel 8 years later. She is a successful novelist of young adult books. She is headed to Paris to find her sister who has dropped off the face of the earth mysteriously.

I loved this book. I adore romantic suspense.

We meet a mysterious stranger who may or may not be a good guy. But he definitely isn’t what he appears to be.

Holly reconnects with the charming rogue who was her first kiss. Although the circumstances are far from favorable.

And what mess has her sister gotten herself into?

Not that all our questions are answered, because the story is not over yet. It’s a cliffie.

Men with dubious motives, stolen jewels, risky escapes, a safe house, siblings with their own agendas, secrets, lots of secrets.

Not a sweet book. Steamy. Dark. And full of questions.

Just my kind of suspense.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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