The Proposal (Cupcakes & Cocktails #1) by Maya Hughes

Witty, full of sizzling chemistry, heart, and a touch of drama

Zara has been working herself ragged trying to keep her head above water. She subsists off leftovers from events. Reward cards saved from the garbage. She socializes with no one. She is finally given a chance to prove herself.

What she doesn’t expect is the person she has to share the job with.

The guy who crashed into her and despite taking her breath away, he also ruined her treat to herself, as well as ruining her shirt with hot coffee. And he didn’t even apologize.

Leo infuriates her.

They despise each other. But they both want this job to go well. Him, because he’s trying to help his uncle. Her, because she needs to pay for her brother’s school.

Little do they expect to find themselves realizing that maybe they can make both their desires come true…

…And find happiness at the same time.

Leo discovers that maybe his former football career and potential sportscaster job aren’t where his heart or skills lay. And he discovers a renewed connection to his best bros, even Everest.

Zara finds out that sometimes, despite all odds, you can trust someone else. And she FINALLY makes some friends.

Maybe an accidental fake engagement leads to more than heartbreak and disappointment.

And karma is definitely a b!@tch for some well deserving folks.

Floved it!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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