The What If Guy (Audible) by Lauren Blakely

Joe & Andi bring this hot tasty rom com to life!!

I absolutely love Lauren Blakely audio books! I have a copy of this book to read as an ARC for the release of the Kindle edition but the Audible released earlier and was in Audible Escape so I decided to listen to it while I worked.

This book features Logan (twin to Summer from Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend, the first book in The Guys Who Got Away series) a sexy single Dad C.E.O. who is searching for the perfect Snoopy gift for his daughter’s upcoming birthday. He finds it.

But he isn’t the only one looking at the vintage Snoopy lunchbox in a second hand shop. He and Bryn ‘meet cute’ over a mutual grab for the same lunchbox. Him for his daughter and her to add to her vintage kitsch collection in memory of her late mother.

Bryn, a lifestyle site/blog content manager, finds herself trying the advice from her dating site, and there is definite chemistry between the two of them (and luckily, a second lunchbox so neither has to go away unhappy) but there is no exchange of information between these two.

Both of them regret this, and on recommendation from others, each put a listing up on a missed connection app and reconnect…with sizzling results.

Unfortunately for both of them, the day after their hot and steamy night, they discover he is her new boss after he purchased the company she works for.

Don’t worry, they figure things out. We also get to meet their cats, Bruce and Queen LaTofu (voiced by Santino Fontana and Emma Wilder to hilarious effect). His adorable, precocious daughter Amelia. We get more time with his sister Summer and friend (and Summer’s man) Oliver, as well as Fitz, whose book is coming next. There are other Easter eggs in this, as with all the books in Lauren’s Bookiverse…such as a mention of our favorite Heartbreakers or Joy Delivered!!

Loved this rom com!! It’s hot and steamy as well as sweet and charming. *fans self* Really hot and steamy!!

And in audio is absolutely awesome!! Love Andi Arndt and Joe Arden’s performance! Andi is always great and Joe is hot hot hot voicing the delicous Logan.

Plus we get bonuses such as bloopers, a chat with Joe & Andi, as well as a cat epilogue, and a sneak peek of Fitz’s story.

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