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Awakened by Him by Eyta Jade
(Zinklaus Duet, #1)
Publication date: August 6th 2020
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, Suspense

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Falling into him was a dance with destiny; little did she know it would be her unravelling.

Zina at 24 and fresh out of the academic world, arrives in London for a new paralegal job. She is thrown for a loop when her chance at something new and uncomplicated is threatened from the moment she meets business magnate, Niklaus Clarke.

He wants more from her than she’s willing to give, because giving him more means undoing her past which she’s been running from. Unable to resist the undeniable attraction she feels or the allure of the unyielding billionaire who didn’t get to where he is by giving up, Zina surrenders.

What should have been a mere awakening turns into blurred lines and shattering of boundaries. Until their secrets, lies and half-truths threaten the gravity that pulls them toward each other.

Bridges will be crossed, bridges will be burnt. But, will bridges be rebuilt? 


I was giddy, and I felt a rush of desire flood my vagina in excitement.

I didn’t even know when I said, “I have always wanted to try that―the reverse cowgirl, I mean.”

He laughed, spinning me back and pushing my arse into him.

“Let’s see what we have here,” he said, taking two fingers to explore the walls of my cunt while I watched him do it through the mirror.

“Still so fucking wet, hmm.” He commented, nodding his head in satisfaction as he moved to his right with me, driving us to sit at the edge of the bed, and letting go of my clitoris that he had been playing with.

I waited helplessly, wanting him to put me in the right position.

He sat me down on him, still with my back to him.

The tip of his dick was dangerously close to my opening, sending a jolt of anticipation through me. He raised my knees and brought them closer to my chest.

 I just watched as he used his hands to bend my back forward. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to make a move, to thrust into me, or just do something. But I waited in vain.

I was about to open my eyes to see what the delay was, when his voice belted into the room.

 “You fucking want control? Take it.” And with that, he raised my arse, not easing. He slammed it on himself, making me take his full length in one go.

My eyes flew open as I panted in surprise of the pleasure that shot through me. I couldn’t move, not at first. I felt so damn full, fucking filled like the Atlantic Ocean.

It wasn’t just that, the position, my God, it had directly hit my fucking G-spot. I didn’t, couldn’t focus on the fact that despite saying I was in control, he was still in charge.

His hands went to my nipples, pinching hard that it hurt, hurt in a good and sweet way as he groaned out. “Move that arse for me.”

I began moving up and down, as much as I could, since the pleasure I felt every time my g-spot was hit was extremely overpowering.

For the first time, I was moaning loud, wildly, growling and howling like a possessed demon.

I used my leg muscles to build momentum, taking a second to praise the power in my legs. I was very sure lazy people could never pull that off.

His index and middle fingers quickly found the shaft of my clit, alternating between rubbing circles back and forth. His other hand was doing a spectacular job of rolling my nipple with the right amount of pressure.

I knew I was going to come real fast because it was too much, and too sweet.

I watched myself fuck him as I would never have any other man through the mirror.

I was an animal, my face was beastly, and my clamping on him was just as savage.

My mouth opened, giving out loud cries that I didn’t know could come out of me. The tears of pleasure that stung my eyes told another entire story.

I was going to become a mistress of fuckery, and it all started when I fell into him.

“Yes, ride me like that, take it, take control. Ride that arse on me.”

And it was at that moment, I truly understood the power in dirty talk. His words had only pushed me harder. Empowering me to ride him harder and faster, taking from me, strength and energy I didn’t even know I had.

He stilled me when I took him in again, bringing his hands from my nipples, and swirled my waist.

“Oh God!” I cried, not comprehending how I was feeling.

Even the face that stared back at me through the mirror was not mine.

I looked like a depraved sex addict. It was intense, too much.

I got the message though. I put his hand back on my nipple, and slowly, tauntingly, gyrated on him.

Our gazes locked in sexual ecstasy through the mirror. I continued to bounce up and forward, making sure not to slam into him as I could only imagine that it was a no-no.

I was too close; I was almost in pain.

“Please,” I begged, I didn’t know what to do. I had control, but I didn’t have any idea how to push myself to the point of climax.

“Please what?” He asked, his fingers still stimulating my clit. It wasn’t enough.

 Not again with the taunt. I hoped.

 I was in no fucking mood. I just wanted to… No, needed to come. So I begged and then some.

“Please, I need to come; I don’t know what to do.”

“Arch your rear backwards for me.” He instructed with his tone low and strained.

He was close, we were close, and we were almost home.

He brought his hands up from my vagina and took my hands down there, using my middle finger to press on my mons, the triangle-shaped area where pubic hair grew.

I was hit with lightning as I didn’t know it could be a source of pleasure, but it was all I needed.

“I’m coming,” I shrilled as I slammed back on him.

The moment I hit my pleasure spot, I came, shaking and crying out loud, just as his entire being went stiff, his dick pleasing my insides with his warm swimmers.

Our gaze locked in the mirror as we came together. We stared at each other in appreciation of what we were giving each other.

Bliss, It was pure ecstasy.

And, I could feel the fiery redness of the all the passionate pleasure.

He twisted just my face away from the mirror so I could face him, kissing me softly and slowly. I enjoyed it and the precious moment of coming together, my moisture on him, and his seed in me.

I thought I knew how sex could be. I thought I had all the knowledge needed. I thought I didn’t need it to survive.

But at that moment, as we kissed, I knew our playing it by ear was going to go south soon.

It was too good to be what I wanted it to be.

But I didn’t care, because I was living in the moment.

The sex was good, the climax was good, my g-spot was good, my clit was satisfied, my being was content, and finally, life was good for the first time.

I didn’t let one small but gigantic question gnaw at me—what next?

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When Eyta Jade read Danielle Steele’s full circle, a dream was born. A dream to evoke the kind of emotions that reading Full Circle did for her.

Eyta knew that no matter what or how long it took, she would always find her way to becoming an author.

When Eyta isn’t penning down tastefully written steamy romance stories, you’d find her reading one instead.

Lest we forget, she obsesses over wine, soul and RnB music.  

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