Southern Seducer (North Carolina Highlands #1) by Jessica Peterson

I love how REAL Jessica’s heroes & heroines are!! *swoon*

PPD, CTE, depression…These do not seem like the makings of a FANTABULOUS FREAKIN ROMANCE!

This book turns the expected on its ear! We see Annabel’s struggles with single motherhood, post partum depression, and finding herself again honest and unvarnished.

We see her and Beau’s 17 year friendship bloom into the romance it was destined for.

We also see Beau struggling with his newly admitted feelings for Annabel, and the insta love for the precious Miss Maisie, because of his desire to pull away from it because of his deep seated fear of his CTE eventually making her and everyone close to him miserable and afraid of him.I

There are so many feels in this book. There is a realness you don’t often see in romance. But it’s perfect. That realness. The feels. Because they’re balanced out by the humor. The sweetness. The love. The family. The heat…oh my, is there heat!

In the end, they heal each other. Even if it does take Beau a bit longer to figure it out.

As always, Jessica works that magic that has you squirming in your seat from the heat, swooning from the romance, and drooling for some good food and drink!!

Oh, and we get a bonus romance too!

This series is off with to a heart filling start!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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