Real Fake Love (Copper Valley Fireballs #2) by Pippa Grant

Pippa hits this one out of the park!! Luca & Henri are Love!!

I want to live in the Pippaverse!!

Luca doesn’t expect attending a childhood friend’s wedding will change his world forever. He finds himself comforting (well, offering to get drunk with her is comfort, right? He didn’t realize she can’t drink due to an allergy to alcohol.) the five time jilted bride, Henri. And a few weeks later finds himself in the center of a whirlwind of crazy…but also wonderfulness, because Henri is a force of nature who doesn’t seem to fully appreciate herself.

Together, while she hopes he’ll teach her how NOT to fall in love and he enlists her help with the insanity of his Nonna, they both find the answers in the journey and love. Real love.

Hilarious, full of heart, steamy, hilarious…I can’t even express the amount of hilarity. You should expect outbursts of breath-stealing laughter pretty much every chapter.

We get lots of our Pippaverse characters, Brooks & Mackenzie & Coco Puff, Cooper, the Thrusters, Beck Ryder & Sarah, Lila & Tripp, Mackenzie’s dads & bff, Parker’s husband’s book club, those pesky mascot contenders, the Fireballs and their partners, Pops & his parrot, Cooper’s sister Tillie Jean, so many awesome Easter eggs.

Of course, we can’t skip the families. Nonna & Luca’s mom, Morgan. Henri’s seemingly perfect sister, Elsa and her brood. They are the seeds for so many parts of this book.

Henri’s character, Confucius the vampire. Her fellow romance novelist friends.

There is simply so much good in this book. I can’t even catalogue it all.

Oh, and I can’t forget Dogzilla, Henri’s amazingly tolerant, costume wearing cat. Always fantastic animal friends in the Pippaverse.

You need to read this book. Henri is sunshine in human form. And Luca is a sexy, grumpy, heart stealer!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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