Didn’t Expect You (Against All Odds #2) by Claudia Burgoa

Nyx & Nate are absotively posilutely fantabulous!!

I couldn’t stop reading!! I devoured this one!! I fell asleep reading and woke up to finish.

Nyx and Nate were the perfect antidote this week. This book was full of love! Family, friends, it was all love.

I had hoped we’d get Persy’s sister and Ford’s twin, and this was perfection!!

Slow burn, sweet, passionate, witty, cute…I can’t even express how much I loved everything about this one!

Nate is so swoony! Nyx is strong, independent, and honestly low drama. Adult, these two are so adult. I love that they communicate. I love the evolution of their friendship. Their acceptance of each other. The support they give one another.

The hot and steamy isn’t what this story is about. Their friendship, their family, their future .

I say it again. Perfection.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.



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