Cover Reveal! All Hallows Eve by Dallysten Mackenzie


Dallysten Mackenzie’s debut novel, All Hallows’ Eve, will be releasing on October 30!! 

◆ Welcome to Ravensbane Academy ◆

Elke Sayer has lost everything. Her parents, her friends, her life or that’s how it feels when she’s enrolled into Ravensbane Academy by her aunt. It takes her all of one day to make a complete fool of herself and pass out only to wake up in the hunky school captain’s bed. 

But Ravensbane isn’t a normal school especially not on All Hallows’ Eve which Elke is about to find out about…the hard way. 

However, Elke isn’t exactly normal herself and it’s going to take the attention of two boys vying for her heart to get her through the toughest challenge of her entire life. 

Filled with supernaturals trying to destroy each other, a mystical force taking over a young girl, and two boys who will go to the end of the Earth to protect the strongest supernatural the Academy has ever seen since it’s foundation. 

If you love Richelle Mead or Lauren Kate, this one is for you. 

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