Heart Strings by Melanie Moreland

Logan plays his way into Lottie’s soul!

Lottie is working herself to death at her father’s company. She thinks if she is the perfect dutiful daughter, working the job that would have been her late brother’s perhaps one day she’ll make her father proud.

She, nor her parents, are happy. It’s as if life stopped when he died.

She has a secret though.

On her route home every night, there is a gorgeous, talented musician whose sounds soothe her heart.

What she doesn’t expect or realize is that he has been impacted by her too.

Logan is enchanted with her. And one evening fate intervenes and their distant connection becomes more.

I love this love story. Sweet, romantic, steamy, a fantasy come true.

Logan helps Lottie find herself again. In doing so, her entire family is awaken from the paralysis they’ve been in since her brother’s death.

Logan and his music were the key to unlocking the her heart.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.



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