Ego Trip by Tabatha Kiss

This book is everything that I expect from a Tabatha Kiss book!!

I’ve been waiting for Oliver’s turn as the center of the story. I am so happy this hit my kindle the other day!!

Always happy when we start our story in Las Vegas. Especially when it involves the Botsford Plaza and the Botsfords. We start at that point in Graham’s story where he has re-wed his ex-wife. And drops it on Paige that Jen (his ex-wife/wife) will be joining them on their travels. She’s happy for him, but she just got dumped. She hits the bar for a drink and finds some unexpected distraction from an unexpected source. Carpe diem!

Four years later, Oliver has been promoted to Graham’s former job as Company Liaison and he’s about to make his inaugural audit trip, but Graham has assigned him a travel companion. Paige, who has treated him in a stand-offish manner ever since ghosting him after their torrid moment (Carpe diem). Well, much more than a ‘moment’.

There is still chemistry, but Paige is determined to keep this professional. Oliver is determined to crack her shell. Both of them discover so much more on their travels.

  1. Chemistry
  2. Glimpses of the rest of the Tabiverse (Yay! Vincent & Evey!)
  3. Botsford Plaza (quite a few of them actually!)
  4. Heat! Heat! Heat!
  5. Botsfords! Even the sleazy ones.
  6. Drama from someone with questionable morals.
  7. Men who realize their ladies are more than capable. (Daddy Botsford is a swoony silver fox!)
  8. I freaking loved Oliver!
  9. And pairing him with Paige!! Perfect!! I wanted both of their HEAs and this was the perfect way to give it to me!!
  10. Oh, and some Melanie Rose!!!

Okay; so I should say that despite the spider web of connections between the books in the Tabiverse; I think you can enjoy Oliver and Paige without having read more, but you will certainly want to extend your exploration of the Tabiverse after finishing. This bookiverse has been like a bag of Lay’s chips, you can’t read just one. Part of the fun in reading Tabatha’s books is finding the Easter eggs!

This was a fantabulous start to my new year!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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