Release Blitz! Absolution by Leaona Luxx

Absolution by Leaona Luxx

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Looking back over the past few months, I never imagined I’d be standing here asking for forgiveness. Wanting her was never in the plans, but when your heart knows, you find yourself needing everything that is her.

I made my way back home broken and lost, refusing to connect to my old life, to who I am. Afraid of what I might find, hating myself for hiding untold truths.

In her arms, I find sanctuary. Her love not only encompasses me, it drives the darkness away and serves as a beacon of hope, my salvation.

When our pasts lives come to light, we’re thrust into the hell we knowingly created. Will Scarlet forgive me for the blood on my hands? Can I show her the mercy she so well deserves?

Only absolution will see us through.

About the Author: 

Leaona (Lee-aw-na) is a wife and mother of three young men. She was inspired to write at a young age, drawing from real life situations, she depicts a world where love, life, and redemption can be found.

While loving all genres, Lea writes contemporary romance. Her books are true to life and are not your average love stories. Lea writes what she knows, drawing from everyday life to create her characters and their worlds.

Leaona’s debut, Cherry Grove released on June 22, 2016. Her books follow a family and their friends in a world built for her Redeeming Romances. Although her stories are standalone with the exception of one duet, you’ll love finding old and new characters with every book.

Her Redeeming Romance stories can be followed in The Redemption Highway World, linking families and friends throughout. You can find families by their series surnames as well as the world title, Redemption Highway.

Reading by family series, you’ll find the books numbered in order of release. If you’d like to read from the beginning, Redemption Hwy Book Number will direct you as to release order.

Finally, although the books are standalone with only one duet, you’ll visit with friends and family from other books within the world. So to pull you in and make you feel at home with each and every addition to this family and their friends we’ve grown to love.

Leaona is pleased to announce she has joined the following Worlds with her spinoff’s coming soon:

The Driven World
The Salvation Society
A Cocky Hero World

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