Excerpt & Teaser! The Patron (Broken Slipper #1) by Vivian Wood

🥀💋🖤 An All New Teaser From The Patron!! 🖤💋🥀

🩰The Patron is a forbidden billionaire romance and the first book in the Broken Slipper Trilogy!

Read on for more:

Anticipation slides down my spine. I take her in as she mounts the steps. Long blonde hair, blown out to fall over her slim shoulders in a gleaming mass. Tawny hazel eyes, high cheekbones, a pert nose, and a small slick of hot pink on her mouth. Her lips alone are an invitation, parting as she lays eyes on me.

My gaze slips down to the rest of her body. She wears a sheer black kimono, an iridescent black bikini underneath that, and tall silver heels. Her tits are pushed up, looking small but tempting. As she stops at the door to toe off her heels, she turns and gives me a glimpse of her long legs and fantastic ass.

She’s a dead ringer for Honoré. At another time, in another setting, she could be the delicate prima ballerina. The same one that broke my heart back when I was young and foolish enough to still believe in that fairytale.

She enters the platinum room quietly, tilting her head as she takes me in. “I’m Cerise.” She swings her his as she struts toward me, her eyes wide and innocent.

Like she doesn’t work in this fucking club and make her money by grinding on strange men. Like she isn’t working me right now, trying to figure out my weaknesses.

Her feigned innocence does something to me. It makes my cock hard, yes. But it also makes me think dark thoughts.
Violent thoughts.

My mouth tightens just a little. “You can call me Mr. X.”
Her eyebrows lift just a fraction as she comes close to me, putting a hand on the velvet booth. She leans down, giving me a peek of her creamy cleavage. “You want me to dance for you, X?”

My cock stirs. Her tits are small and firm, pressed up by her bikini top. I drag my eyes up to her face, my voice erupting in a guttural rumble.

“Mr. X,” I correct her sharply. “And yes. I want you on the pole.”

Something about her expression, a heavy lidded innocence, really fucking turns me on. She’s like a virgin giving off fuck me eyes for the very first time.

I know it’s all a show. I know that it can’t be real. But I let myself sink into the moment, let myself be swept along by the tide.

🌹The Patron releases in March!🌹

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