Love Like Her by Claudia Burgoa

The serendipitous leads to so much more…

Eros Brassard; yes, that Eros, Nyx & Persy’s big brother; & Olivia Sierra meet purely by chance in the JFK airport while she is trying to get from Canada to her father in the States. She and Eros have instant chemistry. He, of course, sees a damsel in distress, a cute one. After some work to convince her he isn’t a stalker or serial killer, they end up spending the two days until their delayed flights together. Thus begins their odd friendship.

For years after their first encounter, they are like ships passing in the night. Except they are there for each other at some vital moments in their lives. He is at her side when her father ends up in the hospital. He seeks her out when he is drowning in grief after a sudden unexpected loss.

In addition to the fun of seeing the Brassard parents and their unique view of life and love, we also get his sisters and their spouses. As well as all sorts of feels.

  • Airports encounters
  • Family and all their foibles and quirks
  • Misunderstandings that almost derail their future
  • Blind dates
  • Stalkers
  • Adorable nieces
  • Heartbreaking loss

The realization that the easy path isn’t always the path you are meant to follow. Two people who keep coming into each others lives until they finally realize that they aren’t meant to or aren’t just ships passing in the night. They’ve slowly infiltrated each others worlds until they are finally in the right place at the right time so they can start their united future.

Humor, heart, angst, joy, the feeling that this is how relationships evolve. It can take years to figure out what, who, and where you belong and this is Eros & Liv’s path to HEA.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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