Hades & Persephone by Amelia Wilde

Binge the whole Hades & Persephone saga in one sitting!!!

I flove this world!! And this lets you binge Hades!! I adore Hades!

Compiling the King of Shadows trilogy, but also including new material and the epilogues! I love Hades & Persephone!! Dark, stormy, a little twisty, and definitely suspenseful. I love this series that brings us into the world of Hades, Demeter, Zeus, and Poseidon. You want to sink into this dark, twisty world!! I love the additions that Amelia added to make it more cohesive with the rest of this world.
Book One:
Modern take on Hades and Persephone with all the heat…and dark…

I have always been fascinated by the Hades & Persephone mythology. (So much so, that my bestie and I named a kitten we rescued Persephone due to a shared custody situation.)

Persephone has been sheltered by her mother her entire life. She has reached the point where she wants to escape. To experience things. Her fascination with the New York Public Library…I love it.

She has been taught that Hades is dangerous. That he will be her end.

So when she finds herself throwing herself at his mercy to save the boy she was meeting, she has no idea what she’s in for.

Hades (Luther) rules his world with an strict hand. Everyone has given themselves over to him in exchange for something. Little does he expect Demeter’s daughter to end up in that position.

He is fascinated by the innocent Persephone. He finds himself thinking of her more than he ever has for anyone.

They are both drawn to each other. He senses her darkness. She finds herself wanting him to do those dark things to her.

Definitely a fantastic modern take on the myth…and a much more adult take on it as well.

Dark, dark, dark. Love the dark.

This is only the beginning. Ends on a cliffie.

Introduction to the rest of Hades dysfunctional family.

Book 2
Persephone is so much more than expected…

We open on a flashback to a rebellious moment that foreshadows Persephone’s future. And a reference to the Fates.

Foreward to the present, Hades is dealing with the aftermath of Persephone’s kidnapping. He knows it was Zeus. The order of things is about to come tumbling down…

Meanwhile Persephone discovers her captor and Hades AND her mother are all connected…closely…

…but she still wants her Hades. He definitely wouldn’t be happy she’s in a whorehouse.

Lucky for her, he does something he rarely does…

…and so a chain of events is triggered…

In the meantime, we learn more about Hades, why he prefers the dark, and the way things are supposed to be.

Persephone goes from a sprouting bud to full bloom by the end…she is ready to lead her people to war. She and Hades are darkness and light.

Loved it!!

Book 3
Hades and Persephone go to war for love!

The fantastic conclusion to this amazing retelling of their story.

The war comes to the mountain. Zeus attacks. Poseidon makes an appearance. (Love this take on him! Please, please, please tell me we get a story for him too!)

More backstory…Demeter is one cold mama.

I love this story even more now that we’ve gotten to the conclusion. No big surprise this is one dysfunctional family, but Hades & Persephone are starting their own HEA. Persephone has given Hades a silver lining in his darkness. Hades has helped Persephone find her strength.

You’ll want to move onto Zeus and Poseidon’s worlds next!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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