Playing Doctor by J.D. Hawkins

This book does not play with your heart! So satisfying!

I finally got to sit down and devour this. There is a special something, a feel to J.D.’s books that I find irresistible.

Colin and Mia are both people who have always found their work fulfilling. They aren’t searching for that thing to complete them.

Colin has come to Santa Teresa to start over after a very toxic work situation at his former hospital. He’s the hot new pediatrician with movie star good looks and the charm to match. He’s also determined to make sure he stays hands off with the women of his new work world because he does not need that trouble again.

But he unexpectedly finds himself knocked off his new stride by his new co-worker. He can’t stop thinking about her.

Mia is a very focused and dedicated doctor. Her patients and her colleagues love her. She is very satisfied and happy with her life. She is bit off kilter after meeting her new colleague, Colin. Not only is he distractingly attractive, but he’s very charming.

Neither one can resist the pull. And they certainly don’t expect it to turn into more.

I love J.D.’s heroes. Colin is confident and cocky, but he’s not obnoxious, and he is oh so human.

And Mia is smart, strong, independent, beautiful inside and out, and does not let her internal monologs keep her back.

They are like two halves who needed to find each other. Him needing some control and her needing to let a little control go. In each other they add that extra bit of balance each needed.

Their journey isn’t completely smooth sailing though. There is the whole co-workers issue, and the added complication of his past haunting his future.

But J.D. gets us through those rough waters without making either of our protagonists have to give up what they love for love. He gives us humor, heat, and feels with a very satisfying HEA!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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