Excerpt Reveal! The Dancer (Broken Slipper Trilogy #2) by Vivian Wood

This is not a drill! The Dancer will be here in just one week! Prepare yourself for the hotness of Calum and Kaia’s volcanic forbidden romance!

Get it right now: geni.us/thedancer

🖤 Billionaire Romance
🩰 Ballet Obsession
😍 Student/Teacher
❤️ Dominant Hero
💋A Signed Contract
🔥 Steamy As F$#k
💔 So Damn Angsty

An Excerpt from The Dancer:

I see dark-suited Calum stretched out in the doorway a little too late. I’m already in running mode, halfway out the door.
I smack into him hard enough to knock the air from my lungs. He saves me from going sprawling down the stairs by pure muscle strength; grabbing me by the arms, he braces both of us against the hard concrete of my stairs.
I look up at him, shocked. “What are you doing here?”
Calum licks his lips for a moment, the tiniest smirk on his face. He rubs his hands together, his gaze dropping to my body. He cocks his head.
I fold my arms across my body. There’s some possibility that I’ve got enough adrenaline pumping through my veins just now to make my nipples hard. 
I don’t want him to think that I am so stupid as to still want him… no matter how good he might seem in that suit right now, looking at me with such a devilish glint in his eyes.
“Fuck off,” I say at last, wrenching myself from his grasp. I step back into my apartment, trying to keep my face neutral.
I definitely don’t want Calum to know that the second I saw him, butterflies burst to life low inside my stomach.
He moves closer, his lips twitching. “I couldn’t stay away. I missed you, beauty.”
I school my expression just to keep my jaw from dropping. My heart skips two beats, stuttering in my chest.
“What?” I say, trying to come off as indignant.
He leans in the doorway, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. “My limousine is waiting to take us wherever you want to go.”
He tries to take my hand. I smack his arm. “Quit that,” I order. “If you think that you’re just going to waltz back in and I will just fall back in bed with you, I think you have another thing coming.”
He bites his lip, reaching out to skate his fingertips up my arm. My whole body visibly shudders. I grow warm all over.
Calum pins me in place with his arctic gaze, smirking. “You have missed me too. I can tell. You’re so tense that you’re about to combust.”
I glare at him. “I am not.”
Clenching my jaw, I try to take another step back. My body is practically begging me to stay, to welcome him to come inside. To fuck his brains out.
But I’m too smart for that. …right?


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